Updated Rules On Medicaid Eligibility For DDD

This email came from The ARC of New Jersey.

Attached is the DDD final rule requiring everyone who receives DDD services to be Medicaid eligible.

Click here to read the final rule.

The Arc of New Jersey is very concerned about this new DDD mandate.

We developed the attached Medicaid Eligibility Problem form as a helpful tool:

(1) to determine what the problem is for DDD consumers who should be able to become Medicaid eligible, so they can receive Medicaid services, and

(2) to identify those DDD consumers who will NOT be eligible for Medicaid, through no fault of their own, so we can advocate for them to continue to receive DDD services.

The ARC of New Jersey has stated they want to receive the completed form of any DDD clients whom you think will not be eligible for Medicaid, so The Arc of New Jersey can advocate for them to continue to be served by DDD.

Click here to download the form.