First Call Program

New and Expectant Parents –

Congratulations on your new baby!

We know that you may be looking for a lot of information now, or have a lot of questions. The First Call program is designed to help provide new and expectant parents with the support they need in a private and confidential manner. We also have parents that have been in your shoes that would be happy to speak and/or meet with you.

Learning that a baby has Down syndrome is an overwhelming and emotional experience for most parents. New and expectant parents may initially feel confused, frightened, angry, saddened, and/or isolated. Parents do not have to be alone in their journey.

Whether receiving a diagnosis prenatally or after the birth of a child, JSDSA is here to help. For new and expectant parents of babies with Down syndrome, any opportunity to connect with other parents who have had the same experience can be invaluable. A dedicated group of experienced parents of children with Down syndrome are available 24/7 to offer support and information through the JSDSA Parents’ First Call Program. Parent mentors will answer questions honestly and do their best to describe the joys and challenges they have experienced in their own personal journeys. JSDSA is here as a shoulder to lean on, a voice of experience, and a source of current information. First Call parents listen with compassion, never with judgment. First Call parents are available to come visit in the hospital or at home, and are also available by phone or e-mail anytime. Services are free and confidential.

Please call (732) 255-5737 for immediate information and/or to speak to someone through the Parents First Call Program.